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muster_opThe opalino series by goldor´mosaico is a particularly attractive creation reflecting traditional floor coverings in nacre. Either applied on the surface or incorporated into other wall panelling or floor covering – opalino is always synonymous with a noticeable enhancement wherever it is used.

The shimmers visible through a number of layers, changing lustre and mysterious facets of light provide a superb, unsurpassed elegance and flair. The broad range of colours on offer with numerous possible reflections of light makes this series extremely versatile and adaptable to further architectural planning and design.



The opalino series by goldor´mosaico can be used for the following projects:

  • Panelling and floor coverings
  • Interior and exterior areas
  • For private rooms or business offices and facilities
  • Also suitable for swimming pools and facades


  • 20 x 20 x 4 mm

Item order number

OS - in addition articlecode
(example: OS - W20.01 (4) )


Colour range

Note: Depending on your hardware, the colour rendering on the monitor can deviate slightly from the original shades.

(Updated: 09.2008)